Tops from the World. Top of today's most viewed imgur photos 

Top of today's most viewed imgur photos


Ladies and gentleman, my father.

I was so cool and now I'm a loser that browses imgur all day

Insurance pains...

A smol dump of 2060 memes for you to wade through.

The Dogs of UPS

Dump of Dumps for You

Who said you can't play a sport and drink at the same time? This girl easily does both. 

One final slice...

Some random dump

Cake Day 2: The Recakening

Rescued Hummingbird Waits For Her Doggo Friend to Finish Eating 

Psycho can't take rejection. Even nicely.

King is my only friend and that's ok. I love him and he loves me!

Because it's TBT, here's one from ol' Musky

My Anxiety Glow Art


Ever eaten ice cream out of a cinnamon roll?

This guy's shirt has the entire script of Pulp Fiction printed on it

Bernie protecting his fries

Human for scale

UPS delivery with a twist.

A little house in the woods of north-western Czech Republic

Teddy Roosevelt's diary entry from the day his wife died