Tops from the World. Top of today's most viewed imgur photos 

Top of today's most viewed imgur photos

When you lied on your resume about having previous sheepdog experience

My first step

"Given adequate motivation, there's a chance I'll do what you tell me."

Dead inside. RIP

Shy little octopus makes scientists flip out

I'm invincible???!!!!

52 tipos de madeiras

Man is brutally attacked by a baby seal

Liquid nitrogen + ping pong balls = awesome!


I'm getting in a different shape

The difference a year makes

Why we love our monsters

2004 Triumph Bonneville


When I see someone do something cool and I try to do the same.

There is a whole generation that will never know the screech and whine of a modem trying to connect......

Warm blankets on a Sunday morning

No title required

Questionable jello: brought to you by 1950 

Mega Roll

"Off Limits"

I need to go back to the future

No title required but this would be lit